Source code for chainer.function_set

import numpy
import warnings

from chainer import cuda
from chainer import link

[docs]class FunctionSet(link.Chain): """Set of links (as "parameterized functions"). FunctionSet is a subclass of :class:`~chainer.Chain`. Function registration is done just by adding an attribute to :class:`object`. .. deprecated:: v1.5 Use :class:`~chainer.Chain` instead. .. note:: FunctionSet was used for manipulation of one or more parameterized functions. The concept of parameterized function is gone, and it has been replaced by :class:`~chainer.Link` and :class:`~chainer.Chain`. """ def __init__(self, **links): super(FunctionSet, self).__init__(**links) warnings.warn('FunctionSet is deprecated. Use Chain instead.', DeprecationWarning) def __setattr__(self, key, value): d = self.__dict__ if isinstance(value, link.Link): # we cannot use add_link here since add_link calls setattr, and we # should allow overwriting for backward compatibility if is not None: raise ValueError( 'given link is already registered to another chain by name' ' %s' % if key in d: d[key].name = None del d[key] else: d['_children'].append(key) = key # deal with properties prop = getattr(self.__class__, key, None) if isinstance(prop, property) and prop.fset is not None: prop.fset(self, value) else: super(FunctionSet, self).__setattr__(key, value)
[docs] def collect_parameters(self): """Returns a tuple of parameters and gradients. Returns: Tuple (pair) of two tuples. The first element is a tuple of parameter arrays, and the second is a tuple of gradient arrays. """ msg = ("'collect_parameters' is deprecated. " "You can pass FunctionSet itself to 'optimizer.setup'") warnings.warn(msg, FutureWarning) return self
[docs] def __getitem__(self, key): """Returns an attribute by name. Args: key (str): Name of the attribute. Returns: Attribute. .. admonition:: Example >>> import chainer.links as L >>> model = FunctionSet(l1=L.Linear(10, 10), l2=L.Linear(10, 10)) >>> l1 = model['l1'] # equivalent to l1 = model.l1 """ return getattr(self, key)
[docs] def copy_parameters_from(self, params): """Copies parameters from another source without reallocation. Args: params (Iterable): Iterable of parameter arrays. """ for dst, src in zip(self.parameters, params): if isinstance(dst, numpy.ndarray): if isinstance(src, numpy.ndarray): numpy.copyto(dst, src) else: dst[:] = src.get() elif isinstance(src, numpy.ndarray): dst.set(src) else: cuda.copy(src, out=dst)
@property def parameters(self): """Tuple of parameter arrays of all registered functions. The order of parameters is consistent with :meth:`parameters` property. """ return tuple( for param in self.params()) @parameters.setter def parameters(self, params): assert len(params) == len([_ for _ in self.params()]) for dst, src in zip(self.params(), params): = src @property def gradients(self): """Tuple of gradient arrays of all registered functions. The order of gradients is consistent with :meth:`parameters` property. """ return tuple(param.grad for param in self.params()) @gradients.setter def gradients(self, grads): assert len(grads) == len([_ for _ in self.params()]) for dst, src in zip(self.params(), grads): dst.grad = src