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[docs]class Extension(object): """Base class of trainer extensions. Extension of :class:`Trainer` is a callable object that takes the trainer object as the argument. It also provides some default configurations as its attributes, e.g. the default trigger and the default priority. This class provides a set of typical default values for these attributes. There are two ways to define users' own extensions: inheriting this class, or decorating closures by :func:`make_extension`. Decorator can slightly reduce the overhead and is much easier to use, while this class provides more flexibility (for example, it can have methods to configure the behavior). Attributes: trigger: Default value of trigger for this extension. It is set to ``(1, 'iteration')`` by default. priority: Default priority of the extension. It is set to ``PRIORITY_READER`` by default. invoke_before_training: Default flag to decide whether this extension should be invoked before the training starts. The default value is ``False``. """ trigger = 1, 'iteration' priority = PRIORITY_READER invoke_before_training = False @property def default_name(self): """Default name of the extension. It is the name of the class by default. Implementation can override this property, or provide a class attribute to hide it. """ return type(self).__name__
[docs] def __call__(self, trainer): """Invokes the extension. Implementations should override this operator. This method is called at iterations which the corresponding trigger accepts. Args: trainer (Trainer): Trainer object that calls this operator. """ pass
[docs] def finalize(self): """Finalizes the extension. This method is called at the end of the training loop. """ pass
[docs] def serialize(self, serializer): """Serializes the extension state. It is called when a trainer that owns this extension is serialized. It serializes nothing by default. """ pass
[docs]def make_extension(trigger=None, default_name=None, priority=None, invoke_before_training=False, finalizer=None): """Decorator to make given functions into trainer extensions. This decorator just adds some attributes to a given function. The value of the attributes are given by the arguments of this decorator. See :class:`Extension` for details of trainer extensions. Most of the default values of arguments also follow those for this class. Args: trigger: Default trigger of the extension. default_name: Default name of the extension. The name of a given function is used by default. priority (int): Default priority of the extension. invoke_before_training (bool): Default flag to decide whether the extension should be invoked before any training. finalizer: Finalizer function of this extension. The finalizer is called at the end of the training loop. """ if trigger is None: trigger = Extension.trigger if priority is None: priority = Extension.priority def decorator(ext): ext.trigger = trigger ext.default_name = default_name or ext.__name__ ext.priority = priority ext.invoke_before_training = invoke_before_training ext.finalize = finalizer return ext return decorator